The IELTS test is taken by people who want to study or pursue a career abroad. This exam is accepted by more than 8000 organizations worldwide, including public organisations, government institutions, companies.
There are two versions of IELTS to choose from: Academic or General Training. The Academic format is for those who want to study and get a degree.The General Training format is for those who want to work or study at below degree level.
In Lithuania IELTS tests are organized by the British Council. (www.britishcouncil.com)
The registration closes five weeks prior the test date. It is very important that the time period between the end of the course and the exam is not longer than two weeks.
NB: If you pass the EILTS test, taking State English Exam is optional.

During IELTS preparation course:
You will be introduced to IELTS test structure and requirements;
You will be informed about Test Assessment Criteria;
You will do sample exam tasks and analize them;
You will practise speaking on different topics;
You will listen to text extracts, conversations and analize them;
You will do reading tasks;
We will discuss most common mistakes and we will advice you on how to avoid them.
The IELTS test has four parts – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

You can take IELTS classes with group or individually.
For more information about the courses and start dates  please contact:

Agnė Petrovskytė
Mobile:  +370 61411556
Email: agne@scandschool.com