Yvan Laurent

Yvan Laurent

“Our collaboration with SLS started in December 2015 when we implemented a tailored training program within our company to support the development of our Scandinavian teams.

The interaction with SLS is very professional, the support received by the various representatives of the school has helped us in the implementation of our program which quickly became a success. The main expectation for the collaboration is for the school to deliver the right level of teaching and knowledge to our teams for them to become more agile in their everyday tasks.

Native teachers with real pedagogical skills and flexibility in implementing courses are two of the key factors which change our collaboration into a success. The teachers’ dedication to the success of our teams and their engagement toward knowledge transfer provided the confirmation of SLS professionalism and commitment to deliver the right service.

The school have met all our expectations and if improvements were needed, the school was always the first to suggest modifications and provided us with the right solution.”

AIG Training Manager